Wildflowers E-Course

Class Opens Again This Fall!

Be it a result of nature or nurture, I am someone who struggles to stand courageously in the light of my life; someone who fears letting people down; someone who struggles to remember what I want in the midst of the competing demands of others. It is said that what we most need to learn, we teach. So here I am, teaching about reaching tall and strong, as beautifully and imperfectly as wildflowers do.

This course was born out of a manifesto called, “Wildflower Manifesto,” which I wrote based on my memoir, Wildflowers Don’t Grow in Rows. Although I believe this manifesto can apply to anyone in our modern society, it really was written from the heart of myself as woman, daughter, partner, and mother.

This is a ten-week course. Each week will have activities to be done at your own pace. At some point each week the activities will include all of the following: songlist, audio or video feature, reflection prompt, low-risk creative endeavor, and an opportunity for online interactive participation regarding required reading. At the end of the ten weeks there will be an e-pack giveaway of the course’s “greatest hits,” the ebook Wildflowers Manifesto, and an t-shirt embossed with the Wildflowers logo and #wearewildflowers.

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Because I spent my first 36 years ignoring my voice, it took a major life event to crack me open in order to finally hear it. I’ve spent the last six years doing a lot of unpacking and now feel ready to share some of my experience with you, who might have some unpacking of your own to do.

Instead of waiting for something horrible to wake us up, far better to wake ourselves up on our own terms and in our own way.

My intention for this course is to challenge, inspire, support, and learn. The work isn’t easy–often times we mute our voices because what they are trying to tell us feels too difficult to hear. The work is a critical part, however, of the journey toward being the Wildflowers we are meant to be.

What might your voice be trying to tell you? And in what beautiful ways might your heart and life open up when you are willing to hear it? What does your heart know is next for you, if only you could be courageous enough to take action?

See you among the Wildflowers, right where you belong.

Gift this course to yourself and/or a friend

I donate 10% of your course fees directly to one of three organizations with a mission to support girls and women that is congruent with the Wildflower vision (you get to choose!):

  • Girls, Inc. of the Island City — Rated 4/4 stars by charity navigator, this is my local Girls, Inc. chapter and I’ve seen first hand what it does for adolescent girls in my community where we aim to grow our girls, “Smart, Strong, and Bold.” 85% of donations go directly to programs and services to that end.
  • Feminist Frequency — Feminist Frequency is a web-series that unapologetically explores the representations of women in pop-culture. Creator Anita Sarkeesian sees a problem, speaks courageously on that problem, and the universe rises to meet her. She is one badass Wildflower.
  • Kiva International — Rated 4/4 stars by charity navigator, this groundbreaking organization changes lives with micro-loans. My giving with Kiva focuses specifically on women because I believe when you change the life of a woman you can change the lives in her community.