Wildflower Retreats

To be a Wildflower means being able to courageously step into your own truths, even if they are unpopular, for no other reason than the fact they are right for you. I’ll be honest, about a quarter of the people who start the Wildflower E-Course quit in the middle of week two, Taking Responsibility, because this sh*t is hard. Carving out the time to do your own work, especially if you are working outside the home and/or raising children, feels impossible. Facing the fears we avoid, losing the excuses we use so we don’t have to take action? Forgetaboutit.

Tired of quitting on yourself? Me too. Let’s get together and help each other out. Let’s get someone else to walk the dog. Let’s put boundaries around our work and not let it invade our sacred personal time. Let’s let our partners and loved ones step up to help with the kids. Let’s put ourselves first for one and a half days. How old are we? And all we want is ONE AND A HALF DAYS? I think we’re worth it, don’t you?

By the way, I donate 15% of your Wildflower Weekend fees directly to one of three organizations with a mission to support girls and women that is congruent with the Wildflower vision (you get to choose!):

  • Girls, Inc. of the Island City — This is my local Girls, Inc. chapter and I’ve seen first hand what it does for adolescent girls in my community where we aim to grow our girls, “Smart, Strong, and Bold.”
  • Feminist Frequency — Feminist Frequency is a web-series that unapologetically explores the representations of women in pop-culture. Creator Anita Sarkeesian sees a problem, speaks courageously on that problem, and the universe rises to meet her. She is one badass Wildflower.
  • Kiva International — This groundbreaking organization changes lives with micro-loans. My giving with Kiva focuses specifically on women because I believe when you change the life of a woman you can change the lives of her community.

retreatThe location for summer all offerings is a quaint home nestled among the redwoods in the beautiful Russian River town of Cazadero. Prices include meals and materials and access to the venue during the prescribed times only.* Arrangements can be made separately to stay overnight at the local inn if you are interested.

Coming together in communion with fellow Wildflowers will break the bonds of isolation and open you up to greater sense of who you are, what’s important to you, and how to combine Grace and badassery to go out into the world and get it.

Join Us!

UDPATED! Offer One: Long Lunch + Time to Reflect (Returning Wildflowers only) $85               10:30am-3:30pm, SUNDAY August 16th

Remember Wildflowers is an evolving process that takes you through the growth cycle several times before you can call it “done.” Come together with returning Wildflower students to share where you are on the journey we started together in class and reflect on where you go from here. It’s a time for eating, drinking, reflecting, writing, sharing, and creating.

CLOSED Offer Two: Two Day Retreat (New and Returning Wildflowers Welcome) $285           4pm-7pm, Sunday August 16th and 9am-3pm, Monday August 17th 

This, too, is about reflection and community, however it is also about action. With more time we can dig deeper into what’s gone well for you on your Wildflower journey and how you can leverage those successes in places where you still feel stuck. (Or maybe you’re not stuck at all and you’re just ready for your next Wildflower adventure!) The first evening will be dedicated to a review of the past year and the day following will be all about going forward as you create a plan of action that will be shared with fellow Wildflowers for valuable feedback. It’s a retreat full of eating, drinking, writing, reflecting, sharing, and creating.

* The Fine Print

  • Must be ok with dogs as my two furry children will be present through both events. My two human children and husband will float through here and there as well but they won’t linger like the dogs will.
  • These offerings are only feasible with a minimum of 6 participants. Maximum capacity is 8 to keep the experience both comfortable and intimate.

Join Us!

Feedback Welcome!

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