Maya Angelou says, “At our best, we’re all teachers.” True teachers share their lessons on many levels and this website is a vehicle to do just that. The more of us who share our personal and professional stories means there are fewer of us who fear talking about what really matters.

In the “The Teacher Tribe” you’ll find teaching stories as well as face-to-face and on-line workshops, presentations, and materials, including a book now available called, Skills I Wish I Learned in School: Building a Research Paper.  My work in this area is grounded in serving the national treasures who are our teachers with curricular and classroom climate support in what has become such a complex political time.

Among the “Wildflowers” is where I invite anyone who is tired of pretending everything is perfect or working themselves toward sheer exhaustion trying to make it so. In a time so full of contradictions and mixed messages, this is the place I can embrace imperfection and live among the wild and wonderful experiences of being a mother, wife, teacher, and Wildflower. My journey here started with my forthcoming memoir, Wildflowers Don’t Grow in Rows, and continues with my blog and pages of resources and inspiration so you, too, can move toward a life that really works for you.

As a teacher and writer, I ground my work in the belief that if we are truly going to be our best selves, we must be honest about what that means and how that looks for us. This website provides opportunities for teaching and learning how to do just that. Whether you are someone looking to bring more authenticity into your life or someone who considers yourself a teacher of any kind (or both!), I invite you to explore today and return often.