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NOW AVAILABLE  Skills I Wish I Learned in School, Building a Research Paper With the focus on testing the last several years, many critical skills we used to teach our students no longer fit into our curriculum. Building a Research Paper is a step by step handbook, including printable materials, for you and your students. Tested on 2,000+ students, this is one invaluable tool.

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Praise for Building a Research Paper:

“I’ve always struggled when it comes to research papers. This guide gave me step-by-step instructions to develop top-notch papers. It’s a must have.” Devonte Jackson, B.A. Candidate University of California, Berkeley

“Most professors today assume that since you are in college you know how to research, but many of us don’t. This guide is easy to follow and contains all the steps necessary. It makes life easier.” Jazmin Marquez, B.A. Candidate, University of California, San Diego

“It is obvious that Nicole has years of experience teaching real students. Steps for research and writing are laid out clearly and logically with examples and handouts. My 40 years of experience tell me this guide leads to success.” Pam Wilson, Student Teacher Supervisor, Mills College

“I plan to use this handbook as a guide for my students to follow throughout the semester. It is an invaluable learning tool for college students as they strengthen their research, writing, and critical thinking skills.” John R. Mosby, Ph.D., Dean, Skyline College

“Nicole gives a gift to both teachers and students with this handbook. The fact this master teacher has let us into her ‘toolkit’ is not to be taken lightly.” Tovi Scruggs, M.Ed., Educational Leader and Consultant, ASA Educational Services, Inc.

“This is a strong piece and a great tool.” Mark Jaime, M.A., Director of the Dominican MESA Program, Dominican College

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NOW AVAILABLE  Preparing to Teach Social Studies for Social Justice 

Written for educators preparing to teach history and social science, the book is a compilation of letters, including one by Nicole at the very end. A powerful source of inspiration. Available anywhere books are sold.


Praise for Preparing to Teach Social Studies for Social Justice

”In letters from teachers to teachers, we hear of not only the challenges, but also the promises and surprises and joys of teaching towards social justice in the social studies, especially when immersed in the complexities and contradictions of this era of Common Core and high-stakes testing. Such insights abound in this inspiring book by Agarwal-Rangnath, Dover, and Henning, inviting us into conversations that cannot help but to make our teaching more collective, impactful, and profound.” Kevin Kumashiro, University of San Francisco

“This inspiring book invites us into conversations that cannot help but to make our teaching more collective, impactful, and profound.” -Kevin Kumashiro, University of San Francisco “This is a must-read book for practicing and aspiring educators interested in learning how to teach justice-oriented, critical social studies.” Brian D. Schultz, Northeastern Illinois University

“Teachers’ voices matter! At a time of increasing pressure on teachers, this book provides practical approaches from teachers, for teachers to teach within the confines of the Common Core without compromising rigor, integrity, or social justice. Kudos for a work that highlights the intellectual depth and breadth of dedicated classroom teachers.” Tyrone C. Howard, University of California, Los Angeles


What Can They Teach Us? To teach, we must learn; to learn, we must teach. In this book I share the lessons I have learned from my students, colleagues, and family members in the workplace I fondly called, “school” for almost two decades. Teaching is a job that requires the resilience of titans; in this book I hope to show that by learning from others, we strengthen ourselves.

ACTS: Leading from the Classroom Requires you to Build and Maintain Your Team Are you struggling with student relationships? Managing group work? Engaging student learning? One student who you fear just might be making you crazy? Do you feel like you’re losing your sanity in what feels like a thankless profession? ACTS teaches you how to lead students, not content. These are real tools for real classrooms taught with humor and great respect for the artist that is the teacher.