First Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for many, many things and found it not the least bit challenging to find things for which to be grateful after deciding I wanted to create this series of posts. Only I did have to stop traffic to photograph Mama Duck and her adolescent babies and then again later the same day to snap a picture of the gorgeous afternoon on my ride home. Perhaps next time I’ll limit my picture taking to when I’m on two feet instead of four wheels.

The premier edition of the Thankful Thursday includes photos mostly shot from my phone of my most delightful blessings. What a gift it is to spend my day looking for moments of gratitude. What a sign of Grace that they reveal themselves so clearly.













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4 thoughts on “First Thankful Thursday

    • Thanks, Eos. I couldn’t agree more about how being open to beauty allows us to realize it’s there all along. Further proof we need to decide to be grateful before moments of gratitude can show up.

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